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Book Review - Prosecco and Promisse by A. L. Michael

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Title: Prosecco and Promises
Author: A.L. Michael
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Canelo
Publication Date: 12th Feb 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

Since her mother died when Mia was a child, her dad has been her best friend and her idol. Now, the cancer he survived years before is back, and this time there’s no fighting it. To make matters worse her dad’s last request is for Mia to leave him and visit her mother’s family on the Italian island of Ischia so she doesn’t have to be there at the end.

Arriving at the sun-soaked island, Mia is embraced by the warm, crazy family she doesn’t know. While she waits for the phone to ring with the dreaded news, Mia desperately looks for a connection to the mother she never knew. Stumbling upon an antique shop run by the charming Antonio and his grouchy but handsome grandson Salvatore, she throws herself into helping with the shop restoration. As Mia and Salvatore’s bickering soon turns to chemistry, will she risk having her heart broken when she knows what’s waiting for her at home?

For most of the beginning of the book, most of the ending and at assorted places in the middle, I felt as though I was about to be reduced by tears.  Although there are emotional parts to the book, I think my reaction was as much as to how close elements of the story felt to me. 

Saying that I read the book in a matter of a few hours and the bits in Italy where Mia is learning about her Italian family, and also rediscovering her love of history were lovely to see. 

I loved seeing the island of Ischia through Mia's eyes and also the day spent in Naples was interesting.  There were some elements of Italian food too thankfully. 

But with all this there is a great amount of sadness in the book, and Mia didn't really want to be in Ischia but it was hey dying father's last wish that she went. 

I loved the few mentions of Savvy from the first book, was good to catch up with her and the Martini club briefly too. However this can easily be read as a standalone as absolutely no prior knowledge is needed to read this book. 

This is another fabulous book by A.L. Michael and when I wasn't fighting back tears I was thoroughly enjoying the story. On a day where it was been snowing it was lovely to be able to through reading get a burst of heat through my trip to the island of Ischia. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Canelo for this copy which I have reviewed  honestly and voluntarily.

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