Monday, 26 February 2018

Rachel Reads Randomly - Vote #89

Thank you everyone for your input last time. The results of the last vote were:

0 Votes -   Sugar Mummy by Simon Brooke
1 Votes - Six Foot Six by Kit De Waal
2 Votes  - Secrets by Debbie Viggiano
2 Votes -  Finding Margo by Susanne O'Leary
5 Votes - The Moment of Truth by Shari Low

Thank you everyone that did take part this week, The Moment of Truth was incredibly enjoyable. I was a bit surprised that there wasn't more interest in the selection, I am starting to think that noone has ever heard of half the books I have on my master TBR!

So this year I've decided instead of changing what part of the TBR I randomise each week, I'm going with at least until I get bored, books released in the current month - so for the next few weeks all the options will be books released in February - that is February from whatever year they were published! (At least based on the publication date I put on my master spreadsheet). Should give all books a few chances to get picked over a year and be slightly quicker for me to set up!  

Below is my initial theory for this feature, and then a bit further, what you are all waiting for... This weeks's vote! Enjoy!

I am also awful at deciding what book to read next, as I often have about 10 titles or authors jumping into my brain at any time, shouting at me to read them, and I tend to worry I have made the wrong decision while reading a perfectly good book. I am hoping this will save me having to make at least 1 choice a week, while possibly providing a review to the site of a book you all either love or are curious about yourselves. 

So what I am proposing, is my lovely loyal readers of Rachel's Random Reads, select one book for me to read a week, and I will post the review the following week. 

This week's random numbers are...

And the books these numbers correspond to are...

So the 5 choices with my gut feeling responses are:

8 - Lavender Lane by Christina Jones - I absolutely love this author, and can't believe there are still back catalogue books from her that I haven't read. 
10 - Betrayal by Danielle Steel - I tend to really enjoy this author, but haven't read any for ages. She is iconic and tends to write easily readable and absorbing stories. 
33 - The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes - Another huge named author, that I really haven't read as much as perhaps I would have liked from. I know nothing about the book though. 
43 - The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs - This is the first book of a series, I read one book by her years ago and enjoyed enough to buy a few on my kindle and then never read it! 
47 - The Anniversary by Various - Selection of short stories all by some of my favourite authors I believe in one easy to real collection. 

Now this is on interesting looking selection, with two typically big name authors who have had massive writing careers, plus other books that I want to read too. I have no idea which will win, I'm not even sure which I want to win based on initial instincts!  Have fun picking using whatever criteria you wish! 

As I was grabbing the covers from Amazon, since google image search is being annoying, I couldn't help but notice that 4 out of 5 of these books I bought in late 2014 or early 2015 - it probably is about time I should read one of them!!

And authors, if its your book up on this feature, feel free to take part, vote for yourself, or stir up excitement amongst your fans! 

Pick your favourite or the one you most want me to review, or just the one you are curious about, and leave me a comment below, before midnight on Wednesday. 

I look forward to seeing what I will be reading over the weekend, courtesy of you all. 

The explanation if you haven't seen the feature before. 

How is this going to work?

Every Monday, I am going to have a post like this, which is going to have some choices on it. I am planning on using to select 7 random numbers, to coincide with my spreadsheet of unread books.  

I will from that produce a list of hopefully 5 books, I reserve the right to veto any books, and will give reasons for them, if it occurs.

I will take screenshots and post them, of the chosen books, and also give you my instinctive reactions to the choices (without checking blurbs or any other info about them, which could be interesting as there are probably many forgotten about books on my spreadsheet!). 

Your task is to post a comment on this post, with the book you would like me to read this week. At midnight on Wednesday I will take a tally of the votes and the book with the most, I will read and review for the following Monday, where you will also get a new choice post. 

In the event of a tie, I will chose which one appeals most, for the Monday review, and possibly try and read and review the other to appear when I can. 

I am hoping this will provide some variety to the books appearing, and will let me potentially read or discover some great authors that I have wanted to read but not got around to yet.


  1. It's ages since I've read anything by Marian Keyes, and I've enjoyed her books a lot in the past, so I'm voting for that. I don't like short stories (over too fast) and I've never enjoyed a Danielle Steel, so having eliminated two made it easier for me to choose this time.

  2. Definitely the Marian Keyes. I love all her books!

  3. I will pick Lavender Lane by Christina Jones. I read so many great review about it.

  4. From Twitter:

    My vote is for Marian Keyes. I would be interested to see what you make of this one.

  5. From Twitter:

    Liina 📚

    16m16 minutes ago
    Replying to @gilbster1000
    The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes 😃

  6. I'd choose Lavender Lane by Christina Jones.

  7. From Facebook:

    Katie Wells I love Brightest Star in the Sky x

  8. From Facebook

    Kiltie Jackson Christina Jones makes me smile every time so she is my choice. :-) xx

  9. From Facebook

    Angela Golley Britnell Always love Marian Keyes and haven't read this one yet.

  10. Marian Keyes books are always hilarious so I’m voting for her book this week Rachel.

  11. From Facebook:

    Sue Shepherd Rachel Gilbey oh yes, I’d choose Marian Keyes too. Add my vote please. 😀

  12. Marian Keyes? I've not read that one and I'd be interested to know what you think! x

  13. From Twitter:

    Camilla Isley ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

    3h3 hours ago
    Replying to @gilbster1000
    Marian Keyes I ♥️ her


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