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Book Review - About That Night by Elaine Bedell

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Title: About That Night
Author: Elaine Bedell
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: HQ Showcase Event
Publisher: HQ 
Publication Date: 11th July 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Sometimes it only takes one night to change everything…
Elizabeth Place might have been jilted on her wedding day one year ago, but at least she’s still got her brilliant job producing one of the biggest shows on TV!

But when larger-than-life TV host, Ricky Clough, dies live on air, her life is sent spinning out of control. And with foul play suspected, the spotlight is turned firmly on his colleagues – especially Hutch, the man desperate for Ricky’s job and whom Elizabeth is secretly dating.

As her world comes crashing down around her, Elizabeth realises that perhaps the only person she can really trust, is herself…

I thoroughly enjoyed About That Night. 

I absolutely love books set in the behind the scenes world of television and I think what happens to Ricky Clough while filming a new episode of his latest show would be every producer's worst nightmare, and probably studio audience members nightmare too.  After all its not everyday you see someone die in front of you. 

But the question is did someone murder Ricky, or was it a heart attack, or just why did he die. 

As the book progresses and we see flashback to key incidents leading up to his death you learn what a larger than life character Ricky is, and how his lifestyle is spiralling out of control at the rate of knots.   It is also very clear that he has mixed relationships with most people he meets and that there could be any number of people who would be pleased to hasten is demise. 

We see the story with the focus on Elizabeth, Ricky's produce of many years, and she is trying her hardest along with the police to make sense of it all.  It is from Elizabeth talking to people that we get a real feel for who Ricky is.  And I absolutely loved all the bonkers bits of the book too. 

There was a particular recap of an episode of the show where Ricky went completely off script and it was completely compelling reading, I could see it all so clearly and I suspect it would have made wonderful TV, even if it was unrehearsed and completely winging it! 

So many of the characters involved have secrets, and it becomes apparent that Elizabeth really doesn't know as much about people as she thought. 

What amazed me half way through the book was  how much we knew but yet seemed almost no further in time than when we started.  I was definitely enjoying it, just struck me that this clearly this was a book with a very short present day timeline, and was really well put together with all the different strands. 

Elaine Bedell's love of TV is quite clear, and I loved every aspect of this book. Such a fabulous debut that I'm delighted I had the opportunity to read. 

Thank you to Joe Thomas and the team at HQ for the Showcase invite where, I received this copy, which I have reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.

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