Thursday, 4 July 2019

Book Review - There She Goes by Lynne Shelby

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Title: There She Goes
Author: Lynne Shelby
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Accent Press
Publication Date: 6th June 2019
Rating: 4 Stars

When aspiring actress Julie Farrell meets actor Zac Diaz, she is instantly attracted to him, but he shows no interest in her. Julie, who has yet to land her first professional acting role, can’t help wishing that her life was more like a musical, and that she could meet a handsome man who’d sweep her into his arms and tap-dance her along the street…

After early success on the stage, Zac has spent the last three years in Hollywood, but has failed to forge a film career. Now back in London, he is determined to re-establish himself as a theatre actor. Focused solely on his work, he has no time for distractions, and certainly no intention of getting entangled in a committed relationship…

Auditioning for a new West End show, Julie and Zac act out a love scene, but will they ever share more than a stage kiss?

It's always a sign that you need to start reading a book when it's title starts repeating itself over and over in your head - practically shouting at you to read the book and I knew the voice wouldn't be silenced until I started reading.  Of course in this books case it was the opening line of the song Fame that was running through my head - and I'm positive the link to that song is why the title was chosen. 

For this is the story of Julie who is just out of performing arts school and looking for not even a big break but just about any acting role.  We are with her through assorted auditions and its one of those where she plays a love scene (hmm that's another song from Fame), with a gorgeous actor called Zac, and from then on they seem to be in each others orbit. 

Given I'm a Londoner and a huge musical theatre fan, I had bee looking forward to seeing this as a theme in a book. Yet it took me a while to fully get engrossed in the story,  from the second half though I just couldn't put it down. 

I think from my point of view it was purely the theatres, big name directors and shows being mentioned as far as I can tell from Google are pretty much fictionalised, so i didn't have the flickers of familiarity I was perhaps expecting. That being said when Julie is out handing out flyers for a club in Leicester Square and surrounding area, it did seem pretty spot on. So some setting was real and some was fictionalised and it just took a while for my poor brain to embrace it! 

But even while I was puzzling that out I was sure of one thing, the chemistry between Zac and Julie is sizzling, and I adored any scene they were in together.  And I loved seeing the full audition process for a West End musical, which has given me a whole new appreciation for what my cousin is attempting to achieve. 

Once I got into this, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it, and I was completely oblivious to real life for approx the last 40% which I sat and read in one sitting.  This is the first book I've read by Lynne Shelby but it certainly won't be the last, especially if she keeps writing about the theatre. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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  1. Just fabulous taking this all in. Congrats Lynne. I got wondering about my young nephew who does musical theatre in DC/NYC and how his life is panning out as he met his girlfriend in the theatre. Reading this through I can almost see them together. Much success. Love it.


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