Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Book Review - Overdue Justice by M. A. Comley

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Title: Overdue Justice
Author: M. A. Comley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: 25th June 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Time is supposed to be a great healer...
However, sometimes to heal isn't enough.

Back on duty for her final case, DI Lorne Warner and her team are assigned one of their most gruesome cases to date when a man is found murdered in his home. 

The brutal nature of the crime makes Lorne suspect a woman is behind the murder.

But why?

What could her motive be?

With less than two weeks to go before Lorne retires, can she solve not one gruesome murder but a number of them?

Could there possibly be a female serial killer on the loose or something far more sinister afoot? 

Grab this fast-paced thriller today and prepare to be riveted to the edge of your seat.

So many thoughts running through my head at the moment... I truly believe this may be the last in the series 
.... how many times I was almost in tears reading this due to it being DI Lorne Warner's last two weeks at work
... I actually could sympathise with the killer - well that's unusual 
... and shouting far louder than any voice is - you need to buy this book, its fabulous, in fact if you haven't already, you need to buy this whole series, it really is something special .

I can't think of many other series that in my adult life I've stuck with for 19 books, eagerly awaiting each and every release, and being this gutted that its actually come to an end... well perhaps until the next time the talented M. A. Comley comes up with a way of resurrecting it all.  Well I can dream!! 

I'll admit it wasn't necessarily the trickiest of cases to guess, in part because we are given most of the information, but at the same time due to the insights we were getting to the killer, it meant that I hated every last one of the victims and really could understand the crime being committed, which is a different way of looking at things. 

Ok.. it wasn't tricky for the reader to guess given we had all the info, watching Lorne and Katy piece everything together was impressive as always and I loved the way Lorne was finally talking to Sean.  

If you are wanting to know more about specifics of this book, then please read other reviews, I don't want to give anything away, and also being such a fan of this series, my thoughts are stuck on a loop of, I can't believe this is the end, but wow what a way to end a series. 

I will say though, perhaps don't read the bit with the first murder scene especially when you are eating, its slightly off putting, and if you are male, be prepared to wince a bit at some of the details of this case. 

I suspect it can be read as a standalone, but truthfully you would be missing out on 18 other amazing books if you just start it from here. 

I raced through this book, resenting real life when it tried to get in the way, until I finally read the last 60% in just over an hour, being oblivious to everything.  Absolutely loved every second of this, and given as far as I'm concerned they are real people, good luck to D. I. Lorne Warner as she moves away from the police force for good and onward into her new life. 

Many thanks to M A Comley for bring the Justice series into the world. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 


  1. Aww... what a fabulous review, thank you so much, Rachel. xx

  2. I really must tell my husband about these books. I think he'd love them!


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