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Book Review - A Home From Home by Veronica Henry - Blog Tour

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Title: A Home From Home
Author: Veronica Henry
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: 25th July 2019 
Rating: 4 Stars

Sunshine, cider and family secrets...

Dragonfly Farm has been a home and a haven for generations of Melchiors - arch rivals to the Culbones, the wealthy family who live the other side of the river. Life there is dictated by the seasons and cider-making, and everyone falls under its spell.

For cousins Tabitha and Georgia, it has always been a home from home. When a tragedy befalls their beloved great-uncle Matthew, it seems the place where they've always belonged might now belong to them...

But the will reveals that a third of the farm has also been left to a total stranger. Gabriel Culbone has no idea why he's been included, or what his connection to the farm - or the Melchiors - can be.

As the first apples start to fall for the cider harvest, will Dragonfly Farm begin to give up its secrets?

A Home from Home is the very best of Veronica Henry's storytelling - gorgeous scenes you wish you could step into, a cast of characters who feel like friends, and an irresistibly feel-good family drama crossing three generations.

For years there has been a long running feud between the Culbornes of Rushbrook House and the Melchiors of Dragonfly Farm.  And yet as the events unfold in this book, we see just how connected the families history's are, whether they are aware of it or not. 

I loved meeting Tabitha and Georgia and seeing just how Gabriel fitted into everything.  There are secrets galore in this story, some of which I had more of an inkling towards than others. 

This is a really enjoyable family drama, where although the focus is on the current generation, we discover all sorts of interesting things about many generations of the family.  And then there is Gabriel's life which is up in London, with his partner and young daughter. I found his job rather interesting, not seen a knife maker before in books. 

There is a huge amount of story packed into this novel, but at no point does it feel overwhelming. It's all really easy to follow but its now as I'm trying to work out what to say that I'm thinking, just how many storylines I've read, and different threads that needed to come together.  It really is incredibly fine writing. 

I adored the setting of Dragonfly Farm, and would have loved to get to know great uncle Matthew even more, than what we do see from him.  He sounds like a rather special man.   

I really enjoyed reading A Home From Home, its full of love, family relationships, potential romances, a real sense of family history and some surprises along the way.   Really glad I have had the chance to read this latest book from one of my favourite authors. 

Thank you to Orion and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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