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Book Review - Singles, Set and Match by Elaine Spires

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Title: Singles, Set and Match
Author: Elaine Spires
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 1st July 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

The fifth and final book in the Singles’ Series takes us to the Ibiza, the sparkling jewel of the Mediterranean then back to the vibrant, sultry Caribbean island of Antigua, where it all began. 
After making a hard decision two years earlier Eve Mitchell has moved on with the hand that life has dealt her and she finds herself on the White Island working a tennis holiday. While it isn’t a job she would have chosen, in her typical pragmatic way Eve gets on with it, working hard to ensure that her diverse group of singles, with their hopes, expectations character flaws and baggage, have the best time possible. And as she binds together tennis sessions, social gatherings, meals and trips Eve hears some tragic personal news that brings her to another crossroads in her life. Will she and her soulmate Melv finally make a life together and have their happily ever after?

I have been a massive fan of the Singles series from the moment I learnt of it existence and read the  first few books. I have waited impatiently  for each new book, and I'm utterly gutted that I have now read the last words of the last book.  

But wow what a last book in a series it was. If you haven't read the others then you are missing out, but equally I do think that on the whole this can be read as a standalone,  although there is possibly a level of emotion that you may be missing when you read how Eve's story finishes. 

But I can't really say anything else about the ending other than... did not see any of that coming, and had me gripped to the state of unputdownable and no idea what was happening around me, for the duration of the last section of the book. 

Before that though we have Eve guiding a tour group on for a change a short haul holiday, in Ibiza, and one that has a focus on tennis.  Now don't worry if you aren't a tennis fan or even a sports fan - although its a Tennis holiday and it does feature - it isn't described in great detail, and it just is used as a way of showcasing another sort of holiday that Travel Together offers to its singles and giving us a great new location to explore. 

I always love getting to know the people on these holidays and it always surprises me just what people get up to abroad where inhibitions and sensibilities are lost.  I also am always shocked at just what people expect a tour group rep to be able to do for them, as some expectations are so unrealistic... although why it does still surprise me given I worked 3 seasons myself in a related sort of role, and thus know exactly what the public can be like!! 

There were some absolutely wonderful guests on this trip that I really did enjoy getting to know, and then there was the group within the group, nicknamed "The Fourth Form" who all has childish nicknames for each other and at least one member with absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. 

For the most part each chapter is a day of the holiday and we switch between focusing on Eve, to assorted guests, getting us up close and personal with many of the characters.  It may take a day or so (of the holiday) to get used to the style, especially if you haven't read any of the series before, but it really does work, and I loved it. 

I really enjoyed the small tennis section as I am a fan of the game and the tennis coach Jesus seemed fabulous. But equally it was the time away from the courts that I loved, the couple of trips or night outs to other parts of the island.  It just shows that Ibiza isn't just all night clubbing and there is things there for all ages.... I really should get around to visiting eventually. 

The book though starts with a fabulous opening that really is great for fans of the series with a lot of familiar faces putting in an appearance, and with us catching up with Eve's life since we last met her.   

There is so so so much packed into this book, it had me thoroughly enjoying every single moment, from the different speech patterns of the guests, to their behaviours,  seeing who might get together with each other, plus a roller coaster of what is going on in Eve's personal life. 

A suitably wonderful ending to a superb series.  

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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