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Book Review - Chances by Ruth Saberton

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Title: Chances
Author: Ruth Saberton
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Notting Hill Press
Publication Date: 18th December 2016
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sometimes in life you have to take chances…

City girl Amber Evans is determined to get herself thrown out of her latest foster home in the countryside. Growing up on a tough estate has taught her not to trust anyone or anything and horse mad Amber knows her passion for riding can never be more than a dream.

But rural life is far from quiet especially when you’re living next door to Britain’s hottest international three day event star, Drake Owen. When Amber finds herself catapulted into a world full of glamour and rivalry she’s determined to prove she belongs there too.

No matter how dangerous it may be or who is out to stop her…

As a woman in her early thirties, I never know what to expect on the rare occasions I decide to read a Young Adult book. Often I find myself thinking I'm the wrong age, or just not the correct target audience, and then once in a while I find a book aimed at the young adult market, that really works for all ages, at least in this case Chances did that for me. 

Amber is incredibly reluctantly moved from her home, into foster care, as her mum can no longer look after her, at 15 years old, she feels she could have lived by herself, with help from social services, and isn't too happy about being dragged from Bristol, to the new foster family in Cornwall. However Amber is horse mad, and generally loves animals, and the family live in on farm, and so there are small things Amber does kind of like about the place immediately, although it would pain her to admit it. 

She is determined to get chucked out and go home, but Harry, who is Kate's (foster mum), 18 year old son, tries his best to reach out to her, and there are small negotiations of truces.  It is when she meets Drake Owen, the three day eventer, in the neighbouring property that things slowly begin to change, however not entirely for the better, as on the same day she makes a rather dangerous enemy too. 

As the story developed I loved seeing how Amber's character developed, and I think it does highlight some of the thoughts children in foster care, most probably do have, and how others would react in similar situations. All of her bad behaviour is understandable, and a lot of the time she does have very good reasons for acting out. 

I'm gutted that the book has finished so soon, and can only hope that this will be the start of a series, as I am already missing reading about Amber, her foster home and Chances, a wonderful Arab horse. There is a strength and maturity to the writing, and to the characters, especially Amber, but also her foster family, as to what they have dealt with in the past, that makes me feel this book really does work for everyone.

Arguably this could be looked at, as just another horse/pony book, but to me it is so much more than that, although I must say all the horsey-eventing side of things are very enjoyable and there is a fair amount of it. However it's Amber's relationship with Chances that was simply superb, and their stories in places mirror each other. 

I loved reading Chances, and found it incredibly hard to put down, the story flowed really well, and I think young and not so young readers will really enjoy and in parts relate to the story. I loved Chances and the book shows just how much Ruth Saberton clearly loves her horses and knows about them. 

Thank you so much to Ruth Saberton for my copy this book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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  1. Not the typical book I would normally read yet I like review on it


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