Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcome to 2017

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one am looking forward to 2017. 

My non bookish plans already in place for the year include a ticket to new musical The Girls, tickets to sessions of the World Athletics Championships in August in London, and also I will be seeing Robbie Williams and Take That. There are also plans to go on holiday a few times, but frankly that is as far as I've got in that planning. 

However since this is a book blog,  you probably are more interested in what on earth is going to be happening here in 2017. 

My big reading aim, call it a resolution, call it a challenge, but its something I really need to do before I go marginally more insane than I may already be, is to significantly reduce my unread paperbacks. 

This is something that is potentially impossible, as I noticed just before Christmas an increase in the amount of book post I was receiving, always welcome and a lot of them are books I really do want to read, but it does suggest that no matter how many paperbacks I read, they may be replaced just as fast!

My problem is I just love my e-books, and find paperback reading tricky especially in winter on my commute, due to lack of light on the buses which affects how much I can read, whereas my kindle has a backlight!

According to my spreadsheets, at the start of January 2017, I have a grand total of 96 unread paperbacks and hardbacks. Some of them admittedly are review books that aren't out for a few months and those one I do intend to try and stay on top of, the rest I swear breed overnight. 

By the end of 2017, I need there to be a lot less than 96 unread paperbacks, and I have some master plans to try and help me out on that. 

On Monday's as you may know I run my Rachel Reads Randomly Feature where you vote from one of 5 randomly selected books from my TBR lists. I'm making a conscious decision, to make sure that every other week of that feature, is a paperback selection this year, just to guarantee that at worst I read one of them every fortnight! 

On Saturday's I have my Back Catalogue Books feature. In addition to the author interviews which will be back, I also try to read books that just aren't the latest releases. Once I finish reading review books that fit into that category, I have every intention to start reading Back Catalogue paperbacks until I run out. 

And on Sunday's I will be running my brand new weekly feature, and companion to Back Catalogue Books, which is called Fab Firsts. I'll be interviewing authors about their debut books, and also reviews running on Sundays will also be firsts of some sort. Again once I get to the end of relevant review books, I have every intention of using my paperbacks as the next source of books for this feature. 

Hopefully having put all this onto a post, will mean I actually have to do it, and give me more than a half hearted reason to finally get my paperbacks pile down...while knowing I'm bound to still be buying some, hopefully winning them in competitions and potentially getting them from publishers. 

Wish me luck! 

Ooops didn't mean to rant about my overwhelming paperbacks for so long, as I do want to mention something else for 2017. 

I will be continuing to run occasional themed weeks, and the first one of those will be towards the end of February, and will be called A Week in Rome (or something similar!). Basically featuring books and posts all to do with Rome in Italy. If you do happen to be an author reading this and have something to say on the subject, please do get in touch, as I have spaces for this! 

Last but not least I hope everyone continues to enjoy their books in 2017! 

Bring on the absolutely amazing books for 2017, and if you want an idea of what is coming out this year, please do keep an eye on my Publication dates page, which I update regularly. 

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  1. Yay! Now there's a positive start! Good luck, Rachel! I'm not at all jealous you're off to see Robbie and Take that ... much! HAPPY NEW YEAR, lovely! :) xx


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