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Book Review - French Legacy by Jennifer Bohnet - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #49

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Title: French Legacy
Author: Jennifer Bohnet
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 18th December 2013
Rating: 3 Stars

Blackmailed into moving to France for the sake of her son Oliver's inheritance, Nicola buys a run down pépinère in the South of France. Full of reservations she leaves England and her long-term friend Andrew behind to begin a new life. As she struggles to renovate both the cottage and the land of her new home she also has to face up to Henri her interfering ex-father-in-law who is determined Oliver will live the kind of life he wants for him whatever plans Nicola has. Slowly life in France improves and Nicola realises she is happy - especially when Gilles Bongars is around. But when Andrew unexpectedly decides to join her wanting to be a part of her new French life, Nicola has another decision to make. Does she love Andrew enough to make the commitment?

French Legacy is one of Jennifer Bohnet's earlier books, and having read some of her newer releases, I know she has written better.  There is nothing at all wrong with French Legacy, and I did enjoy the story, but at the same time if felt like the book was missing some oomph. 

I got a real feeling for La Prouveresse, which was the farm that Henri, and the aunts Odette and Giselle live on. Henri has blackmailed Nicola into moving to the South of France, so that he can get to know his grandson Oliver better, after Henri's son, Oliver's father Marc died. 

When Marc died he was estranged from Henri, and divorced from Nicola, so there are all sorts of mixed emotions in the family, although Nicola and Oliver are trying to make a go of it in France. Nicola to try and get some distance from the family has bought a smallholding to do up, and has assorted decisions to make about her friendships with various men. 

Andrew is a friend from England who wants a lot more than friendship with Nicola, but Nicola seems to spend the majority of the time unable to make a decision, which really irritated me. 

French Legacy was easy enough to read, and I'm unsure whether its length is a blessing, or a shame, as if the book was longer, perhaps I would have felt like I cared about the characters more.  It's around 220 pages, and it feels as though a lot of plot points were put into the book, but that they just weren't explored in enough detail. 

As a fan of Jennifer Bohnet, I'm glad I had a chance to read one of her books before her publishing contract with HQ Digital, but I think I will stick with her newer books in future. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for French Legacy last time around. A few people commented it was a tricky selection as they had barely heard of any of the books, so I hope I can find space to feature a few more of them in the future, just so that we can all discover them together. 

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