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Book Review - A Night in With Grace Kelly by Lucy Holliday

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Title: A Night In With Grace Kelly
Author: Lucy Holliday
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Publisher supplied review copy
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 12th January 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Fate has got it in for Libby Lomax. She realised, far too late, that her best friend Olly, is the actual Love of Her Life. Now he’s in love with the so-nice-it-hurts, Tash, and it looks like her happy ending is completely out of reach.

Things start looking up when she, quite literally, runs into the completely gorgeous Joel. Libby discovers that there is more to Joel than his six-pack, not least, the incredible fact that he honestly believes he has found his fairy tale princess in her.

And if this wasn’t enough, an unwanted guest shows up on Libby’s enchanted sofa; Grace Kelly, wearing her iconic wedding dress and convinced that Libby is figment of her imagination. But one thing that Grace doesn’t believe in is fairy tales. Grace believes that if you really want something, then you’ve got to make it happen yourself; words which give Libby hope that happy endings aren’t just for fairy tale princesses…

What a wonderful return to the story of Libby Lomax, her unrequited love of best friend Olly, and her enchanted Chesterfield Sofa that has a habit of manifesting Hollywood greats from it.  

Normally I'd mention in a review if a book can be read as a standalone, but I was so pleased to be back with these characters, and enjoying the book so much, I literally haven't given it a thought until now. I am sure that if you have read the other two, then this is a fabulous final book in the trilogy. If you haven't then I think you would still enjoy A Night in With Grace Kelly, as it did take me a few chapters to remind myself what was going on, and a lot of the relevant back story does appear. 

There are many hilarious moments in this book, a lot of them involving Libby's sister, Cass and mother. They become even more self obsessed and shallow than ever before, when they discover just who Libby has just met and started to date, Joel. 

Joel is a lovely guy, and he is clearly able to think of more than just himself.  I loved the way on only their second real meeting he goes out of his way to help Libby's friends, when they really need half a miracle, and I think that is what set into motion the entire second half of the book. 

There are a whole multitude of good looking men in Libby's life, and I just had my fingers crossed the whole book that she would end up with the correct one.  

Grace Kelly does, as you make expect from the title, make a few appearances in the book, but I felt her influence was a lot less than we have had previously with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, but yet what Grace was saying to Libby, was succinct, to the point, and was actually really good advice for what Libby was going through at the time. 

It was great to learn a small amount about Grace Kelly too, as although I know she is a Hollywood icon, I didn't really know anything else before reading this book . 

Libby Lomax is just such a loveable character, she gets herself though into some interesting and funny situations, some of the time just because she may be daydreaming, or for other small reasons, and suddenly things seem to snowball slightly. 

I have completely enjoyed A Night In With Grace Kelly and the other two books in this series and can't wait to see what Lucy Holliday will write next. 

Thank you so much to Harper for this copy of the book that I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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