Tuesday 9 August 2016

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Title:  Before You
Author: Kathryn Freeman
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: 21st June 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

When life in the fast lane threatens to implode … 
Melanie Hunt’s job working for the Delta racing team means she is constantly rubbing shoulders with Formula One superstars in glamorous locations like Monte Carlo. But she has already learned that keeping a professional distance is crucial if she doesn’t want to get hurt. 

New Delta team driver Aiden Foster lives his life like he drives his cars – fast and hard. But, no matter how successful he is, it seems he always falls short of his championship-winning father’s legacy. If he could just stay focused, he could finally make that win. 

Resolve begins to slip as Melanie and Aiden find themselves drawn to each other –with nowhere to hide as racing season begins. But when a troubled young boy goes missing, everything is thrown into turmoil, including Aiden’s championship dream. 

I should probably mention before I get into the review proper that I am a huge romance book fan in addition to being a massive Formula 1 fan, and so to have them combined in the way they have in this book has been brilliant for me. 

This is one those books that really resonated with me on a few levels, partly due to my love of Formula 1 and sexy racing drivers are always a bonus, partly due to trying to move into a publicity role myself, so could understand elements of Melanie's job, and also because like Aiden I don't have the best of relationships with my mother. 

In fact its the range of depth to Aiden's personality that really impressed me, for the press he is charming, giving light hearted answers, but in private he is a loving man, who is finding himself very attracted to Melanie, his press officer. His family issues that he jokes about on the surface run deeper than you may expect but as he gets to know Mel more, you can get the feel of his life. 

The level of realism in this story from the racing point of view, is brilliant, at a guess I would say based on various references as an amalgam of elements from the 2013-15 seasons, since there was a reference to the quieter engines, and the tracks were mention in all their glory, as well as the destinations, even if you don't really get to see those, as its not really a holiday. 

Melanie has been burnt before by a relationship with a driver so she is determined to hold Aidan at arm's length, while he is attempting to win a world championship, and hopefully start to lessen the comparisons between his and his father's racing careers. 

There is a clear chemistry between Melanie and Aiden which is great to see and read about, given at one point they seem to want to drive each other crazy. And their feelings deepen when Aiden gets some phone calls that will produce more distractions in this critical season for him. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Before You, and found it to be a fast adrenalin filled story that any F1 fan would love. Even if you aren't keen on motor sport, there is still plenty of great story in this book, to keep you entertained.  This is the second book I have read by this author and is definitely my favourite by far, will definitely have to look out for more future releases by Kathryn Freeman. 

Thank you to Choc Lit and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

About Kathryn Freeman

I was born in Wallingford but have spent most of my life living in a village outside Windsor. A former pharmacist, I’m now a medical writer who also loves to write romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero… 

I’ve two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in my life is all in my head. Then again, my husband’s unstinting support of my career change goes to prove that love isn't always about hearts and flowers - and heroes can come in many disguises.

A paperback copy of Search for the Truth (open internationally)

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