Friday 26 August 2016

Guest Post - Top ten things to do in New York City by Elle Field - Blog Tour

The latest and final book in the Arielle Lockley series, Found, takes place in New York, so I’m thrilled to share Arielle’s top ten things to do in New York City on Rachel’s Random Reads today: 

1. OK, you have to go and see New York from up high. I don’t care whether it’s from the Top of the Rock, aka the Rockefeller Center, or from the Empire State Building’s viewing platform – you can only truly appreciate New York from above.

2. If you find yourself in New York and, say, the airline has lost your luggage... or not! Head to Macy’s. The iconic store is one of my favourites, though the cellar is where Piers tends to hang out whilst I’m trying on clothes. If you’re a foodie like him, head downstairs.

3. If someone told me to visit Paddington train station in London, I’d look at them like they were a little strange, but trust me when I say that a visit to Grand Central Terminal is well worth it. It’s not just trains there. You’ll find market stalls, restaurants and bars tucked away in this historic building that was saved by Jacqueline Kennedy. Yes, that Jacqueline Kennedy.

4. Piers, my other half, loves a good musical – I won’t even tell you how many times we’ve seen The Lion King on the West End – so, if you’re also a fan, you must see a show on Broadway. School of Rock is at the top of our to-see list.

5. If you don’t make it to a show, head to Ellen’s Stardust Diner instead – it’s a fun fifties diner where the super talented waiters all sing Broadway numbers. I recommend the chocolate chip pancakes!

6. I’ve always been a bit weird about Central Park because I see it all the time on TV shows and in movies – Gossip Girl, Enchanted, Cruel Intentions and Home Alone II, to name a few of my favourites – but after spending quite a bit of time there this summer, it’s now one of my favourite places in New York. Don’t forget to visit the zoo!

7. Cruising down the River Thames has nothing on cruising across to Liberty Island to visit the Statue of Liberty. It’s worth braving the stairs and going up to Lady Luck’s crown for the view, but maybe give that climb a miss if you’re scared of heights or don’t like tight spaces.

8. Fancy feeling like a teenager again? Hop on the D, Q, F or N train and head to Luna Park at Coney Island and make yourself sick by mixing the rickety rides with lashings of wispy pink candy floss and mustardy onion-laced hotdogs. 

9. The High Line is an elevated park on an old train track that offers both awesome views and greenery as you walk along it. It’s pretty cool and brings you out near the Whitney Museum of American Art – the perfect gallery to visit if you like modern art.

10. Finally, if you’re in the city in the summer and fancy getting away from the sweltering heat without leaving the state of New York, hop on the Cannonball train. It will get you to the Hamptons in around 90 minutes. It’s well worth the journey to soak up the sunshine in these quaint colonial seaside towns.

If you’ve been to the Big Apple, do you agree with Arielle? If not, where are your favourite places to go in New York?

Thank you so much Elle for this fabulous guide to New York. I would love to visit so many of these places, when I get to New York one day. 

"How did people even come up with the idea of these dizzying skyscrapers, let alone work out how to make them possible? Whoever built the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, their legacy will live on forever. What sort of a difference will I ever make?"

Who knew one flight could change everything? When Arielle Lockley stepped on the plane at Heathrow, she never realised how different her life would be when she touched down in New York City. Now she's dealing with that aftermath, as well as trying to find common ground with Etta, her new and unexpected business partner. 

But, trying to sort out business in London whilst her fiancé, Piers, recovers from surgery in New York, is starting to take its toll on their relationship. Can Arielle and Etta work together to continue Felicity's legacy without destroying it, and will Arielle and Piers even make it down the aisle to say "I do"?

Find out whether Arielle gets her happily ever after in the final part of the warm and wonderful Arielle Lockley series.

Author profile:

Elle Field writes coming of age romantic comedies, and is the author of the Arielle Lockley series and Geli Voyante's Hot or Not. She grew up in Yorkshire, then moved to Scotland to study International Relations and Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews.

Elle now lives in London with her boyfriend and their cat. She's a massive fan of sunshine, giraffes, The Killers, Audrey Hepburn movies, playing Scrabble, musicals and tea. Oh, and reading, of course! 

You can buy Elle’s books here: 
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  1. Thank you so much for hosting a stop on the Found blog tour. :) x

  2. Music or books? Books every time!

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