Monday 8 August 2016

Rachel Reads Randomly - Vote #34

Thank you everyone for your input last time. The results of the last vote were:

0 Votes -  We Could Be Heroes by Alison Bond
0 Votes - An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls and Looping on the Old Course by Oliver Horowitz
1 Vote -  Surf Mama: One Woman's Search for Love, Happiness and the Perfect Wave by Wilma Johnson 
3 Votes -   Swimming With Dolphins by Deborah Wright
8 Votes -  Out of Practice by Penny Parkes

Well Out of Practice was the overwhelming winner, but I feel that there just weren't many votes as people hadn't really heard of any of these books. Not sure what I can do about that in the future, but you definitely picked a good book so thank you. 

This week we are picking from a selection of my review pile. This is mainly due to various reasons I seem to be a good few weeks behind on actually reading them, so basically need to focus some attention on them, so I can stop panicking every time I look at the quantity of books I still have to review. 

Obviously they will all be on my blog at some point, so authors of these books if you are reading, even if your book doesn't win, I will read it, but this is more about ordering when I will get to some of the books,

Below is my initial theory for this feature, and then a bit further, what you are all waiting for... This weeks's vote! Enjoy!

I am also awful at deciding what book to read next, as I often have about 10 titles or authors jumping into my brain at any time, shouting at me to read them, and I tend to worry I have made the wrong decision while reading a perfectly good book. I am hoping this will save me having to make at least 1 choice a week, while possibly providing a review to the site of a book you all either love or are curious about yourselves. 

So what I am proposing, is my lovely loyal readers of Rachel's Random Reads, select one book for me to read a week, and I will post the review the following week. 

This weeks random numbers are...

And the books these numbers correspond to are...

So the 5 choices with my gut feeling responses are:

6 - St. BARTS, a gripping Romance novel box set by Emme Cross - This is books 1-4 in the St Barts romance series, so I would expect a great location, and hopefully hot and steamy scenes! Probably would only read the first book as the full box set is scaring the living daylights out of me at over 700 pages!
27 - Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins - I loved Fiona Collins first book, so hoping this will be another enjoyable romantic comedy
33 - The Ex Factor by Eva Woods - This is being published on Thursday, and I enjoyed the author's previous book out last year, so hoping this is also good. 
38 - The Hope Family Calendar by Mike Gayle - I'm a huge fan of Mike Gayle's books, I think I have read all of them, so was very excited to be accepted for this one on Netgalley.
39 - Cut to the Bone by Alex Caan - I am hearing good things about this thriller, to the extent I requested a copy to read for myself. Of course finding the time is another matter! 

Well four out of five of these I am desperately looking forward to reading, so I'm sure they will all appear on the blog sooner rather than later, however I do need you to pick one of them for me to read this week. I also enjoy seeing your thoughts and comments, so please do get involved. Depending on what you say even if your choice isn't the most popular, it may be enough for me to move the book higher up my "virtual pile that doesn't have an order!" 

Pick your favourite or the one you most want me to review, or just the one you are curious about, and leave me a comment below, before midnight on Wednesday. 

I look forward to seeing what I will be reading over the weekend, courtesy of you all.

The explanation if you haven't seen the feature before. 

How is this going to work?

Every Monday, I am going to have a post like this, which is going to have some choices on it. I am planning on using to select 7 random numbers, to coincide with my spreadsheet of unread books.  

I will from that produce a list of hopefully 5 books, I reserve the right to veto any books, and will give reasons for them, if it occurs.

I will take screenshots and post them, of the chosen books, and also give you my instinctive reactions to the choices (without checking blurbs or any other info about them, which could be interesting as there are probably many forgotten about books on my spreadsheet!). 

Your task is to post a comment on this post, with the book you would like me to read this week. At midnight on Wednesday I will take a tally of the votes and the book with the most, I will read and review for the following Monday, where you will also get a new choice post. 

In the event of a tie, I will chose which one appeals most, for the Monday review, and possibly try and read and review the other to appear when I can. 

I am hoping this will provide some variety to the books appearing, and will let me potentially read or discover some great authors that I have wanted to read but not got around to yet.


  1. From Twitter:

    Fiction-Books ‏@Fiction_Books 2h2 hours ago
    Fiction-Books Retweeted Rachel Gilbey
    I would definitely read 'Cut To The Bone' (which I also have in my TBR pile), but then I do love a good thriller :)

  2. From Twitter:

    Liina voit ‏@liinareads 51s52 seconds ago
    @gilbster1000 It has a pretty cover + I have it on my TBR as well: Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins

  3. Easy pick for me this week, inviting cover, also on my TBR & you know how you always read books before me! 27 - Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins

  4. I'd like to see your review of Cut To The Bone...

  5. The ex factor ... Love title and cover

  6. From Twitter:

    Emma Crowley ‏@emthebookworm 10h10 hours ago
    @gilbster1000 I'm going for the Fiona Collins as it's the cover that is jumping out at me

  7. From Twitter:

    Christine ‏@northernlass73 8h8 hours ago Gildersome, England
    @gilbster1000 @DrewComps You have @alexcaanwriter 's book!!! Read that and make him smile. He's poorly!

  8. From Twitter:

    Alex Caan ‏@alexcaanwriter 8h8 hours ago
    @DrewComps @northernlass73 @gilbster1000 thank u!! And no pressure but I will be thrilled if u chose my book!

  9. From Twitter:

    Colette Dartford ‏@ColetteDartford 2h2 hours ago
    Colette Dartford Retweeted Rachel Gilbey
    Cut To The Bone by @alexcaanwriter

  10. Oooh, Cut to the Bone. Heard good things too. Would love to know what you think, Rachel. :) xx

  11. Cut To The Bone - just read it; you'll whizz through it! Great stuff.

  12. From Twitter:

    Anne Cater ‏@annecater 9m9 minutes ago Morton, England
    @gilbster1000 I haven't read any of those but would go for the @alexcaanwriter if it were my choice

  13. From Twitter:

    Rebecca ‏@beccasbooksUK 8m8 minutes ago
    @annecater @gilbster1000 @alexcaanwriter I can tell you that #CutToTheBone is BRILLIANT! So in keeping with today's social media world too!

  14. From Twitter:

    Emma Mitchell ‏@emmamitchellfpr 47s48 seconds ago
    Emma Mitchell Retweeted Rachel Gilbey
    Without a shadow of a doubt @alexcaanwriter ... it will knock your socks off Rachel! X

  15. It's got to be cut to the bone!! It's fab!

  16. From Twitter:

    Kelly Spillane ‏@KellySpillane 3m3 minutes ago
    @gilbster1000 I loved The Hope Family Calendar!

  17. From Twitter:

    Viv Writes ‏@VivWrites 22m22 minutes ago
    @gilbster1000 heard good things about @FionaJaneBooks Cloudy With a Chance of Love so voting for that one!

  18. From Twitter:

    Elizabeth Davies ‏@BethsBooks 1m1 minute ago
    Elizabeth Davies Retweeted Rachel Gilbey
    Definitely Cloudy with a Chance of Love

  19. From Twitter:

    Ella Louise Creasey ‏@kentlass123 1m1 minute ago
    @gilbster1000 the 2nd one x <--- Cloudy with a Chance of Love

  20. From Twitter:

    Rose McClelland ‏@RoseMcClelland1 35s35 seconds ago
    @gilbster1000 @HJRolfe hope family calendar! And let me know what you think! It's on my TBR pile! ☺

  21. From Twitter:

    Suze Lavender ‏@SuzeLavender 1m1 minute ago
    @gilbster1000 The Ex Factor. They all look really good!

  22. From Twitter:

    Grass monster ‏@Lost815_Oceanic now
    @gilbster1000 ~ The ex factor ❤️ I am about to start it after these 2 lol xx


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