Sunday 14 August 2016

Book Review - The Last Resort by Jenny Stallard - Booklympics

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Title: The Last Resort
Author: Jenny Stallard
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Publication Date: 4th May 2015
Rating: 3.5 Stars

The trip had been part of Jackie’s grand plan. 

Jackie and her boyfriend, the perfect Jack with his handsome looks, wealth and charm, would spend one season working in the slopes. A final blow-out before they finally settled down. 

Jack and Jackie, Jackie and Jack. Childhood sweethearts, they would escape their small town and experience the romance of La France. 

But at the airport, poised to buy their two tickets, Jack shatters her dreams of the perfect Christmas. He’s been seeing someone else. Not just anyone, their lodger. 

With her last ounce of resolve, Jackie boards the plane and sets off on an Alpine adventure of her own. 

When she’s not cleaning up fondue, carving the early morning snow, or nursing a Genepi-induced hangover, Jackie tortures herself with the smug Facebook updates of Jack and his new girl. 

But as Christmas approaches, Jack is given an ultimatum by his father: settle down or lose your inheritance. His best option? Reliable Jackie, with her grand plans for a steady future. 

Will Jack be able to win back Jackie, in time for the New Year? 

Can Jackie embrace life as a single girl seasonnaire? 

And what of the quiet and mysterious Jacques who is always there to pick her up and dust her down? 

It will take a special kind of romance to teach Jackie to let it go... 

Meet Jacques, Jack and Jackie who are the main characters in The Last Resort. 

Jackie is the leading female, who against her better judgement ends up working a ski season, due to a joint decision with her boyfriend at the time. 

However Jack chose to announce before they got the train to the airport that has wasn't going and was in fact seeing someone else, leaving Jackie heartbroken but still determined to go to France.

Then there is Jacques, the brooding Frenchman who works year round in the resort and just happens to be around Jackie when she needs support. 

Must just say that scenes with all three characters in were very confusing just due to the similarity in the names. 

I really enjoyed Jackie's first few weeks of her season, working in a cheese restaurant and skiing in the mornings. She is determined to throw herself into life in the Alps, working and playing hard.  There is loads of talk of cheese which would have sounded delicious except I personally really dislike cheese heavy dishes, so some of the food descriptions should have been tasty so long as I ignored key ingredients!

I read this on a hot summery July day, in a heatwave, really hoping that reading something slightly Christmassy and definitely cold would cool me off, but it failed. I didn't get the sense most of the time of the cold level in resort, but just of the great sense of fun that was to be had. 

The Last Resort is a decent short romance story, just long enough to start to feel for the characters and fitting in a lot of action in a relatively small space, I do just wonder if there were enough references to Frozen and Let It Go in there! 

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